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Welcome! My name is Dr Shontel Welby.

A native of Australia, I received my medical degree from the University of Sydney, Sydney Australia. I completed an internship, residency & Physicians( Specialist) Training Program at St George Hospital. Working in various clinical & hospitals, it didn’t take long until I began aware of the shortcomings of modern medicine Subsequently, I returned to study Integrated Medicine (holistic medicine) & Sports Medicine at Swinburne University. My continued post graduate studies into the various areas under the umbrella of ‘Integrated/Holistic Medicine’ eventually bought me to Los Angeles, California where I am currently in private practice.

Though I believe in the scientific merit of certain therapeutic drugs, I do not prescribe them now. And, I do not use them myself. I understand that surgery has its place in the treatment of certain life-threatening accidents and diseases. However, I advocate the use of less invasive, more natural methods in most cases.

As I integrated & applied the natural medicine I was learning to the patients under my care as a traditional MD, I became truly amazed at the regenerative abilities of proper nutrition, exercise & natural medicines. These natural treatments can involve any of the following: Bowel Management, Iridology, Herbal Medicines, Homeopathic Medicines, Supplements (Enzymes, Minerals, Vitamins, Fatty Acids, Water Therapy (Hydrotherapy)

It is my understanding, & my experience in over ten years of practice that

"Nature Always Heals Given The Opportunity”

I am an experienced, caring, and ethical Doctor who offers the following :-

holistic/natural medical treatments through medical diagnosis,

Womens’s and mens health,

child friendly treatments,

natural non-drug treatments




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